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Browse Our Selection of Delicious Gourmet Chocolate treats that can turn any ordinary day into an amazing delicious adventure. We have packaging for almost every theme imaginable so don't delay treating yourself or someone you love today. Send a thoughtful gift to remind those around you how much you truly care. Our assorted chocolate gourmet bites with over 20 different combinations are guaranteed to leave a lasting memorable impression. 

"Life is short so why not chocolate?"



Thank you for visiting The Chocolate Gourmet. My name is Susan Miller and I was born in Dallas, Texas. I came from an entrepreneurial background as my father owned his own linen business for 25 years! Growing up watching his dedication to hard work and exceptional service branded a lasting impression on me. This developed a passion inside of me to one day run my own business. Even though he taught me the fundamentals of running a successful business I really wasn’t sure what field I wanted to get into. Then life took over like it always does and  I am glad it did. I have been blessed to be a lucky wife to my amazing husband Joe of 35 years. Joe has been an awesome support for me and my business. The Lord  blessed us with 2 beautiful children, Joe Jr. and Lani. On our life journey, we transferred to Slidell, La. from my hometown in Dallas. In 2007 my younger brother who lives in Dallas was getting married so I  wanted to do something special for their wedding. After much thought, I decided to make him and his bride chocolates in a variety of flavors that were the size of miniature cupcakes. My chocolate creations were an immediate hit with the guests at the reception! The lady who helped me set them up actually came to me and said I hope you don't mind but I tried your chocolates and they’re awesome! That really resonated and touched me. I had finally found my calling and knew that I wanted to apply the principles I learned about business at an early age with my love of making delicious chocolates. When I got home from the wedding, I immediately began figuring out how to package these savory goodies and came up with 20 different mouth-watering flavors. The rest is history. Over the last 16 years, I have continued to make each and every chocolate with the same heart and passion as when I was making them for my brother's wedding. This has led me on an amazing chocolate journey. I have been featured on the radio several times to talk on the Tom Fitzmorris (a well-renowned food critic), show in New Orleans, La. It was an honor and an amazing experience all in itself! I have also been featured numerous times in the Slidell newspapers and the local Slidell magazine. My husband and I were also honored to be a part of The Chocolate Sundays in the years past for the WYES T.V. Station fundraisers. Another fun and memorable part of our journey has been participating in the Slidell Camellia City Farmers market for five years! What an amazing and blessed journey we have had. None of this would be possible without you our amazing customers who continue to order from us month after month and year after year. Thank you so much for your continued support! I also have to give special thanks to my husband again for supporting me and being my delivery driver for Valentine's Day which is definitely our biggest holiday!!  Oh, and life has gone full circle now because were back home in the state of Texas!! Gun Barrel City, Texas... YESSS I said Gun Barrel City!! Wish us luck as we begin our journey once again!! I strongly feel the Lord puts us where we are supposed to be with our God given Talents :-) P.S. We still have our services in Slidell Louisiana



Chocolate Covered Rose Bouquet made in your wedding colors, Assorted Brides and Grooms Boxes, Wedding Party Favors, and Just Married Boxes to enjoy a late night hotel snack




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